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Topo - Deja Vu | Blue Car [Unvirtual Music]

Posted: Jun 3 2013 03:56 pm
by topo
Topo - Deja Vu | Blue Car [Unvirtual Music] ... ar/1072630
Topo strikes again with his deep and hypnotic beats. Deja Vu screws a short melody right in your mind, surrounded by shaking drums and lead by a simple but effective bassline all spiced up with short vocal samples. Blue Car is a bit more on the deeper side and perfect for build up´s or transitions.

Ferry Corsten - Thanks
Pat Lezizmo - Blue Car for me! Thx for the music!
MBS+C3K - Dark & minimal, Blue Car is my favorite. Deep shizzle!
Paul Mad - Blue Car for me! thx
DJ RIM-K - Nice peaktime track, will play this for sure !! Nice peaktime track, will play this for sure !!
Christiano Pequeno - Nice & Deep
Athan - Deja Vu is good!!
Cephalonya - good tech house rhythm with hot bassline!
Ninohengst - nice tracks, will try in my sets
Lorenzo Marrucci - Blue Car is quite nice...i think i will give it a try,thanks!
Ale Castro a.k.a Rhythm & Substance - nice ones!
ics - blue car is the one for me. Awsome
Dany T - Dany T
JJ Mullor - Nice work!
Igor Brzovic - Blue Car is something i can emagine to drive with, very nice one! full support!
Fernando Campo - Thanks for the music, nice:)
Livio Sandro - Blue Car for me! Cool sound.
Johan - Nice stuff, enjoying Blue Car
DepGlobe - Great track!
Mike S. - Deja Vu: Obwohl erst einmal gehört, weiß ich jetzt schon, dass man ihn mehrmals hören ihn zu verstehen.
- Blue Car: Auf Vinyl wäre es eine typische "auf die andere Seite muss auch noch was" Nummer.