Fruity Loops 8

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Fruity Loops 8

Post by Capt-Sue »

Does anybody in here use it? I just got it and I am producing again. So far I like it. There's a song I am going to try to remix with a friend. I've already chose a song that is glitch-industrial-melodic-tech sounding. Beats I am working on sounds ok. Needs more work on them. Has anyone ever used another program to help make a song like using Acid Pro for a music sheet? I might use that as a music sheet and also use the one in Fruity Loops. This will give me two songs but I am really using both of those programs to find out which one is a better way to making a song. What do you guys think?
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Post by ßéñjåmmiñ »

for PC... reason/ableton are your best bets... you could also use cubase or mackie's tracktion (I actually use tracktion from time to time)

you need something with a better sequencer than what fruity has to offer... unless your remix is PURELY sample based... fruity isn't the way to go...
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Post by GooglyMoose »

Fruity isn't bad. I use it Rewired with Live for it's step sequencer for doing percussion mostly. I find it a lot easier for things like that but for doing any real sampling or remix work it think it's frustrating but possible with a lot of work if your on limited funds. I think it's ideal for doing step sequencing and it's dirt cheap.

It's included plugs are actually pretty good though. I just find the interface less idea than something like Live.
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Post by djtylerdurden »

Just for its loops and plug-in effects -

It has the worst sequencer screen from me personally and i think most people can tell a song that has been created in FL as it kinda has a distinct sound engine.
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